Monday, April 30, 2007

Another Blah Weekend

We had another boring weekend so I won't bore you with the details. Randy went to camp again to work on the cabin so we were alone Friday night and most of Saturday. The kids and I went to a big subdivision garage sale on Saturday morning but I didn't find very many treasures. All I got was a window for the cabin and a puzzle for Konnor. The window was a great deal and the puzzle for Konnor was the best dollar I have spent in a long time. He loves it. Oh well. I need newborn baby clothes but all I saw was clothes for girls. Lots of them. I hope this is not going to be the trend all year!

It is such a beautiful day so I decided to take Konnor to the park to eat lunch and to feed the ducks. There was an older fellow there with his golden lab and he was hitting a tennis ball into the pond with a tennis racket and the dog would swim out and get it. Konnor thought that was the coolest thing. He didn't even want to go play. He wanted to watch the dog swim.

Well its piano lesson night so I have to have a quick dinner so we can get there on time. I like to post pictures but I didn't take any today so I went looking for one to post. I love this picture of Konnor reading his book to Lucy( Paul and Sarah Holden's dog) one weekend when we dog-sat.

Well I hope the rest of our week is a little more exciting so I tell you all about it. Till next time.......

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Long Day

Kaitlyn standing in the Senate Chamber

The whole group of 4th graders from Monroe Elementary

An outside view of the Governor's mansion

Wow what a day! Yesterday was Kaitlyn's field trip to Columbus. We had to be at school at 6:45 to board the buses( Large coach buses) It was pouring down rain and the buses decided to be late so we stood out in the rain with all of the kids till after 7:30 when the buses finally showed up. The day consisted of a tour of the Supreme Court building, a tour of the the State House( capital building), lunch in the Vern Riffe building, ice cream social in Jefferies Park, And a tour of the Governor's Mansion. We also got to sit in the balcony and watch the State Representatives work and was recognised by Representative Coley during that time. I don't think I have ever walked up and down so many steps in my life. Representative Coley's wife planned most of our day and hosted many of the activities we attended.We got back to the school around 7:00last night. Overall it was a fun day.( long for a pregnant person like me but fun) I sure did sleep good last night!!

Now I get to do laundry and I have to work tonight( oh joy) so I had better get busy.

Monday, April 23, 2007

weekend reportings

I figured I would blog early this morning as I have a lot to do today.I am always catching up on Mondays from the weekend. My house is always so messy and I have laundry practically stacked to the ceiling. We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we hosted home builders at our house so you know what that means. I cleaned house all day and then I snuck in a nap with Konnor because I was beat from working all night Thursday. We had a good turn out at home builders and had a lot of fun talking with friends.
Saturday morning(5:00am) Randy went up to church camp to work on the cabin for the morning while the girls and I went to Gretchen Stroup's wedding shower. Sarah Holden and I stopped at a couple of garage sales on the way home but found no treasures.I then had to get home to fix some food to take to a cookout we were having at a friends house. We had a really good time with our friends, Paul and Sarah Holden and their two kids, and Chris and Heidi Lykins and their five kids. The kids had a blast playing in their back yard which resembles a park. ( complete with the wooden play set and a see-saw, and a huge tree house) A short walk across the backyard took them to a creek so they had so much fun. Heidi was a wonderful host! Well most of us know what Sundays are like which brings me to today.
My friend Wilma Lavy and I were talking at church yesterday about clothes for our girls and how hard they were to find. I told her Megan had outgrown some church clothes and I would see if Lauryn liked them or not. She commented that we should use our blogs to post clothes our kids had outgrown ( especially the girls) so we could pass them on to others who could use them. What does anyone else think? Good or Bad? Randy joked that we could call it the KKKK.( Konservative Klothing Konnection for Kids) I just don't know if it would be to much work or not. Let me know what you think okay. Well my messes await me. More later.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yesterday Konnor had his eye doctor appointment. He goes every 4 to 6 months. He did so good! He could see all of the pictures that they showed him, big and some so small I couldn't even see.That was with his glasses on by the way. The doctor said his eye was the same and there was no movement in his bad eye so they wouldn't have to patch it. ( thank the Lord) While we waited on the doctor to come into the room I took this picture. He usually sits on my lap but he thought he was cool sitting all by himself. If he could only keep his hands off of all the knobs and buttons on the equipment. Oh well what do you expect out of a 2 year old.

My friend Katie H. ( I cant spell her last name) just came by and brought her new baby boy over. He was born on Sunday. Oh he is so tiny and cute. Its hard to believe that there will be one of those in my house in a few months. Oh well dinner is simmering. More later....

Monday, April 16, 2007


Well it is Monday and life is back to normal. Last week was spring break for the girls and schedules were messed up and it was a little crazy around here. Not to mention it was cold outside so the girls were stuck inside for most of the week. This morning the big yellow bus came and swept the girls back to school so it is just me and Konnor hanging out again. we kept two girls from the Penn View choir last night and we had a good time. Between everyone in our subdivision we kept 8 choir members so we all got together at the Holden's and had taco salad. It was very yummy and we all had fun. So today it is laundry, clean house, and more laundry. Does it ever end? I need a laundry maid. I.H.C. is this week too so that will make it even more busier. We probably will only go Tuesday and Wednesday nights.It is so much work to get there and then the night is so long, and then we are all tired the next day, but it is the only time we get to see Randy's brothers who live far away so off we go. Tonight is piano lesson night so dinner will rushed again. I need to find something quick and easy to have tonight. hmmmmm Well the washer just shut off so its time for another load to go in. I think I need a bigger washing machine.The kind that holds 13 pairs of blue jeans would be nice!!!! Enough rambling TTFN..

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday night

How was your Friday night? Well mine was pretty boring. Not because of the company( if you read this Kristina) just because we didnt have anything to do. Randy and Tim were supposed to go to camp today ( Saturday) but since the weather was supposed to be nasty they desided they would go up after work and do all the were gonna do at night before the bad weather came. So we spent our Friday night kinda bored. Kristina came over since she didnt have a husband either and we went to Fazoli's for dinner and then we couldn't resist a Frosty Rootbeer Float from Wendy's( if you havent had them they are the best). Then we went home to just hang out. Kristina went home about 11:00 and I went to bed. I have no idea when Randy came home. I woke up at 4:00 and he was in bed with me( a robber couldv'e came in for all I knew). So here it is Saturday morning and he is still in bed and I need to go clean my house. Penn View choir is coming to church tommorow night and a couple of girls are spending the night with us. So I need to go clean clean clean. Bye for now and hopefully I will have a more exciting post next time....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Boy or Girl ?

Well I had my ultrasound and doctors appointment yesterday. When we first started the baby wasn't laying right to see and I started getting nervous but after much pushing and prodding it turned around and we are 100 persent sure we are having a boy. I am very happy. I wouldv'e been either way but I really wanted a boy. Now Konnor can have a room mate and a playmate.Now we just have to come up with a name. I like K and C names ( Cole, Kade ect...) but we dont really know. I even thought about old names/ family names. Who knows. well till next time.TTFN

Monday, April 9, 2007


Ijust wanted to post a couple of pictures of the kids on Easter Morning. It was so cold outside( in the low 30's) we took the picture inside. I hope everyone else had a good Easter. Thanks to my mother-in-law,who is a wonderful cook, we had a great dinner. It was a good day!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dinner Guest

Since my mom has been gone to South Carolina all week my dad came for dinner last night. I told hime to bring his new puppy Molly along because the kids love her so much. So I took some pictures and thought I would post them so you all could see them.She is a Red Bone coon hound and she just turned 4 months old. I love her color and her big floppy ears. She is so loving with the kids. Her only problem is she needs to work on going potty outside.( she only left 2 puddles on my kitchen floor) oh well at least it was on the kitchen floor right. Till next time.....

Monday, April 2, 2007

I Love Spring

Spring is my favoite season. I hate being cold all of the time so when warm weather comes it is such a relief to me. I love to get my hands dirty and plant flowers,dig out warm weather clothes, and go barefoot. As you can see Konnor likes to go barefoot too. Having shorts on,going barefoot and playing outside does a number on a little boys feet and legs.I couldn't resist a picture.

I love when the flowers start coming up. I stepped out onto my front porch this morning and it smelled so good. ( flower smell) So I had to take a few pictures to show you my flowers. We moved to our house late in April so I never got to see the magnolia bush in bloom and I think it is so pretty! The blooms are so big. I thought these Tulips were such a pretty color. Sorry I just go on and on but I love to plant flowers and then seeing them come up in the spring.

Well Kaitlyn just came in the door from school and said that the science fair that she has entered is Wednesday. ( we thought it was in May) So guess what I will be doing for the next couple of days? We have nothing, let me repeat nothing ready. Oh well what are kids for, right.