Friday, July 27, 2007


I forgot to tell you that you need to check out my sister's blog. I wont tell because its her secret. I thought it was cute!( and exciting) The link is Bek's blog.

A big day

Wow yesterday was a long day for us. We decided that we were going to put up corn for the winter. ( me, my sister-in-law Suzanne, and my mom) Between the 3 of us we did 40 dozen. That is 480 ears of corn. We enlisted help from the kids to help shuck. They were fine for the first hour or two But that is alot of corn to shuck. Konnor even did a good job of helping. Needless to say we worked from 11:00 to around 5:00 shucking, washing, cooking, cutting and bagging. This corn was so sweet and good. I know it is going to taste good in the middle of the winter. My kitchen has been dirty before but you can't even imagine how dirty it was when we got finished yesterday. The corn was so juicy everything was so sticky. The floor had to be mopped twice. I was so tired when I went to bed last night. I took two Tylenol and went to bed.
My doctor appointment went good on Wed. I am dilated to two cm. Not bad for 36 weeks but nothing to get too excited over. We will see what they tell me next week. I figured all that work yesterday is worth at least 2 more centimeters. Don't you think? Well I am not really sure what is up for the weekend. I hope everyone else has a good one!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

my weekly update.

Konnor's first time to eat corn on the cob. He tried to eat the cob too.
I know this is said alot but I cant believe I went a week and did not post a single thing. I did have a busy week but I really don't have an excuse. I had my weekly doctor appt. on Wed. and when I walked in there was only one seat left in the waiting room. ( its a good thing I didn't have my kids with me) Well 10 minutes after I get there the nurse comes to the door and says that the doctor had to go to the hospital for a delivery and we could reschedule or wait. ( I found out that this was the 3rd time that morning that this had happened)Needless to say the waiting room cleared real fast.I talked to the nurse and she said it would be an hour at least before I would be seen so I decided to leave. Of coarse the doctor is on vacation this week so I get to see the nurse practitioner. I have been feeling so overwhelmed. I haven't had anything done with the baby stuff. So last week I got out all of the newborn baby clothes that I have acquired and washed them and put them in the dresser. I bought a bouncy seat( my one necessary item) and some diapers( also necessary). Its pretty bad I am only a few weeks from delivery and I didn't have any diapers. Now I just have to get a car seat( or they won't let me bring him home) and a bed. Thanks to my friend Katie H. I just need to walk over to her house and get the bed she is letting me borrow. We are switching bedrooms around so the boys who are going to be sharing will have the biggest room. So I started getting all of Megan's stuff out and randy started painting Saturday. The colors are going to be Orange and white with a cool Hot wheels border around the middle. In other words we have alot to do in a short amount of time.
When I was close to delivering my other kids I put up a bunch of meals in the freezer for after I came home from the hospital and didn't feel like cooking. I guess I need to get busy with that soon. Does anyone have any good recipes that freeze good. I would love to have something different than the same old stuff I normally do.Well I need to get something done today. I hope this wont be the last post of the week. LOL

Saturday, July 14, 2007


vacation to Mackinaw,MI
We made it back all in one piece last night around 9:30. It was a great week! We left at 5am last Saturday morning and after Breakfast at Cracker Barrel and alot of bathroom breaks( not just for me) we arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon. After unpacking the van and making up all of the beds we headed down to the lake. It was a beautiful day and the water was actually warm. Actually it was in the upper 80's and humid and our cabin did not have air. I was hot and my feet were twice their normal size .I thought I was going to die.( I didn't) Did I mention that our friends the Holdens were there with us? We then headed off to town to get groceries( Super Walmart)and to eat dinner. Sunday was a quiet day. We cooked roast in the crock pot and the kids went for a dip in the lake. Later that night we went on a sunset cruise that a church group sponsors( free). There was a little sermon and alot of music. The trip was cool because they drove under the Mackinaw bridge and all around. The Mackinaw Bridge one of the longest bridges in the country( Maybe it is the longest,I cant remember) It is 5 miles long and is made up of 45 thousand miles of cable.It can move 18 feet in both directions and 12 feet up and down in the wind. ( scary huh) Enough of that,but it is very beautiful. Monday we kinda just hung out and let the kids swim,ride their bikes and plat at the park. The camp ground we stayed at was very nice. Like I said we stayed in a cabin.( I am not a tent camper!!) Tuesday we went on a road trip to the Upper Peninsula.We went to Tahquamenon Falls first.It required a little hike to get there but it was very pretty. By that time we were hungry so Paul and Sarah to us to a little restaurant called the Fish House. It was soooo good. I was going to take a picture of our food but I forgot so I just took a picture of the outside of the place. We all got Whitefish and fries. The waitress told us that it was still swimming in the lake 2 hours ago and that they were just being filleted.Hows that for fresh? It was so yummy!!!!! we then headed to Whitefish Point which is the highest point in the U.P. It had a nice beach but a storm was heading in so we didn't stay there very long. So it was off to Sault Ste. Marie.( soo saint marie) and the Soo Locks. That is where all of the big, gigantic ships travel between the lakes( Huron and Superior) which are at different levels so they have to travel through the Locks. They come in one side and the gate closes and they lower the water level and they go out to the other lake. These ships were like over 1000 feet long. It was neat but the kids got bored because it was such a slow process. We thought we would go to Mackinac Island on Wed. but we woke up to a strong wind in the middle of the night and it never got any better. It was very very windy and cold on Wed. So we decided to sick around at the campground. The kids wanted to go swimming. Keep in mind that it was in the 60's and there was a strong wind which made the lake very choppy and very cold. It felt like ice water.Brrrr. Sarah and I actually sat in our chairs and covered up from our legs to our necks. We were informed by 2 different sources that it was to be chilly and a 60% chance of rain all day on Thursday( our last day to be there)We wanted to go to the island so bad so we prayed that God would change the weather. I want you to know that we woke up Thursday to a beautiful sunny day. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. So we headed off to the ferry boat with our bikes. They want a small fortune to get you there but it was so worth it!!!! If you have never been to Mackinac Island you have to go there!! There are no cars on the island. Everyone either rides a bike or a horse, or in a carriage pulled by a horse. Try to imagine the smell as I got off of the ferry. You got it. Horses and horse apples. It was so cool though. It was stepping back in time. The UPS guy was delivering packages from a horse drawn carriage. The trash wagon was pulled by a horse. And for those of you who are wondering,Yes I rode a bike around the island. 8 miles to be exact and I hiked up 200 stairs to see Arch Rock and then back down again. I think if I was going to go into labor it would've been that day. It was not a pretty sight to see a 34 week pregnant woman riding a bike( pushing it up the hills) so that is why there is no pictures. We walked up to the Grand Hotel where they wont even let you walk on the driveway. and it cost like 12 buck to just walk in the front door. I can only imagine how much it cost to stay there. we ate lunch and dinner on the island and bought some yummy fudge before we left. I got a slice of chocolate walnut,chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate cookie crunch. I am not usually a fudge person. I never eat it but this stuff was so creamy and smooth. The best!!!! We sat around the campfire that night wishing our vacation wasn't over but all good things must end. Friday morning we slept in and packed all of our stuff back in the van( for some reason it didn't quite fit as well) and headed home. My own bed has never felt so good. I hope I haven't bored you tears in this post, but I thought I would give a rundown of all of the fun relaxing times we had this past week. It will now be back to the short boring ones that I am known for.8o)

Friday, July 6, 2007

Time away

Vacation here we come!! I am so excited!!( can you tell?) We are going to Mackinaw,MI for a week of rest and relaxation.I hope. Right now my feet and ankles or so swollen( I can only imagine what they will look like after a 9 hour drive tomorrow) But hopefully a week of doing mostly nothing but sitting by the lake will help that. I have never been there so I am very excited. I will post lots of pictures when we return. Cya in a week.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

4th of july
I hope everyone had a good Independence Day. I thought I might sleep in but we all decided to get up and go to the parade. To me it isn't the 4th of July unless you go to the parade. So we stopped at t Kroger and picked up some donuts and ate them while we waited for the parade to start. It wasn't to bad but it did get a little drawn out at times. Konnor loved the police cars and the fire trucks. The kids love this parade because the participants throw so much candy that they usually come home with half of a grocery sack full of it. They don't eat half of it but it so much fun grabbing it off of the pavement I let them bring it home and then throw away the stuff that they don't eat. We had a few friends over in the afternoon for a barbecue. It rained on us but we just moved the grill around to the front of the garage and made do. The rain did stop and we all had fun playing corn hole and shooting off a rocket that Drew Miller brought over. The rockets would go so high you couldn't even see them till the little parachute came out and it floated down.( usually they had to chase it 3 or 4 housed down the street).Eventually the wind started blowing and they lost both of them.Too bad!Konnor and Steven M. found some mud and had a good time till we caught them. You can from the pictures that Steven caught a little more than konnor did on his face. We decided not to go to the fire works since it was starting to storm and Tuesday evening some people in our subdivision set off enough to rival any city around. They were really good and we sat on our back porch and watched them for a long time. These people spent between 1000.00 and 1500.00 dollars so that gives you an idea of how good they were. Oh well its back to grind today except I have to pack for vacation and get the house cleaned. I have to work tonight and I have a doctor appt. tomorrow so I don't have much time to pack and get things done so I will be very busy for the next two days. I cant wait to relax all next week sitting in my chair next to the lake. Cya, Off to work I go...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Randy

Today I wanted to say Happy 33rd Birthday to my wonderful husband Randy. He is a great husband and a super dad and I hope he has the best day ever. We celebrated with family last night after church so that is when I took the picture. Tonight he wants peach cobbler so I need to get my recipes out. I hope everyone has a good day and I wil post about the weekend later.