Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

Did you go shopping Friday morning? There wasn't anything that I saw I couldn't live without so I didn't get up to early this year. You can see from the picture what time I left and we( my sister in law Martha was with me) met up with my mom, sister in law Susanne, and Sharla Wall and the mall. I didn't buy much but it was fun just being out with out the kids. You fellow moms know what I mean.LOL We went to Sears first and we were looking through racks of cloths and I guess during that time Martha had taken off a big sign that was hanging on the end of a rack and hung it on her arm while she was looking. Well quite a time later we were getting ready to leave the store and I looked over and saw the sigh hanging there. It was so funny because she had been walking around like that the hole time. She thought it was her purse. She just gave Lands End some free advertisement 8o)

My brother and sister in law spent the night at our house Thanksgiving night so I tries to take a few pictures. My cute little niece Lauren.

Konnor and his best buddy cousin Josiah being cute and silly!

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! I did! The meal was wonderful and I have so much to be thankful for! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I didn't take any pictures. boo hoo More pictures to come of my kids decorating the Christmas tree. TTFN....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my dad. I hope you had a great day. I love you!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday Fun

Waiting for the parade to start

Konnor thought this owl was neat.

Three crazy festival goers.The good looking one in the brown coat is my husband.8o)

Saturday was the Christmas festival in Springboro,OH. This is where we used to live and we have gone to it every year since 1999. They have a big parade on Saturday and just normal stuff(craft tents and yummy food ) the rest of the time. Randy was working Saturday morning so I took the kids( Kirstin Stroup stayed overnight) to the parade. It was alot of fun but we near froze to death. I seriously couldn't feel my feet or hands when we got back to the van.

So later that night when Randy got home we packed up and went back to do the normal stuff. The Holdens went with us. We had fun and i didn't get to cold because i was prepared.LOL I added a few more layers to what I had on in the morning and I was quite toasty. I had a yummy Gyro and a big bag of freshly popped kettle corn. Yummmmm. It was really cold so we only stayed about 1 1/2 hours before we were ready to go home. Poor Kade was a block of ice.

I know this sounds weird but I think I would like to celebrate Christmas somewhere where it is 75 degrees. I hate being so cold! We had fun and I will have to wait another year for a bag of kettle corn.

Friday Night out with Friends

The beautiful Christmas tree that was lit while we were waiting for a table. My dinner: Parmesan crusted chicken romano ( no I didn't eat all this)

Sarah's dinner. I don't remember the name but it has shrimp and mushrooms in pasta.

My fellow friends and dinner companions.

My cheesecake pick of the night: Pecan pumpkin ( yes it tasted as good as it looks)
We ended the evening by getting a pedicure. It a first for me and I think I am hooked.LOL It was great.

Thanks for the fun evening girls!!
Thanks to my mom too for watching my kids since Randy was working.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pumpkin Roll

I got to thinking.... I think I will start blogging some of my favorite recipes. I love to cook and I have found a few recipes that I use all of the time. So maybe once or twice a week I will post them for you all to try. By the way,I am in to easy stuff so you need not worry about anything to hard. Everyone who tries my pumpkin roll loves it and it is so easy. It is great this time of the year. Enjoy!!!

Pumpkin Roll

3 eggs

1 tsp. baking soda

2/3 cp. solid pack pumpkin( not pumpkin pie mix)

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 cp. sugar

3/4 cp. flour


2TBS. butter(softened)

1 8oz. cream cheese(softened)

1cp. powder sugar

Preheat oven to 375. Mix all ingredients in one bowl and mix with a mixer. Spray a large cookie sheet (preferably a jelly roll pan) with cooking spray and line with wax paper. Spray wax paper with cooking spray. Dump batter onto pan and spread out evenly.It will be thin. Bake for approx. 10 minutes or till top is not sticky. lay out a clean dish towel and sprinkle with powder sugar. Pull out cake and immediately flip onto towel. Roll up starting with the short end and refrigerate for 1 hour. Take out and unroll,fill with frosting. roll back up and wrap with cling wrap and then with foil. You can freeze for up to 3 months.

This is alot easier than it sounds. Just make sure your pan is big enough. I have never had one break or tear. One 29oz. can of solid pack pumpkin will make 4 rolls. I usually do an assembly line with 4 bowls and mix one while one is in the oven. If you try it let me know how it turns out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I know, I know, I haven't posted in a few days but there has been alot going on around here and blogging hasn't been on my priority list. Since Sunday Me, Randy, Konnor and Kade have all had horrible colds. So I have been wiping noses all the time. Tuesday I spent the afternoon cleaning my kitchen and mopping. Well Konnor decided to throw up all over the fresh clean floor at dinner time so you know what I was doing then. Randy surprised me Wednesday and took his last vacation day, so we just hung out at home all day. He has been working so much lately,between his day job and the church, we never see him. Getting to spend the whole day with him was a treat.He drove the girls to school for which they loved! He was going to take us to breakfast but since Konnor wasn't feeling well, he went and got me a hot chocolate from Tim Hortons and some cinnamon rolls. They were so good! We ordered take out from a Chinese place close to our house for lunch. It was a great day.
I have been trying to get Kade's winter baby stuff put on Ebay but haven't had the time. Since Randy was home I let him entertain the boys and I got alot of it done. There is still alot more to do but I got it started so I am happy.
Well that updates you a little on what has been going on around here. We have alot planned this weekend so hopefully I will have a bunch of pictures on Monday to share. TTFN...

The picture is Kade this morning at Breakfast. He decided he was going to help himself to some cereal.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The two terrorist




TIME TO CLEAN EM UP AND PUT EM TO BED ( trying to get a picture without one of them standing up was quite funny. As soon as I would sit one down the other one would pop up) LOL

Randy is installing new windows in his sister Suzanne's house. ( her husband lives there too)

I went with him the other night to help watch Jackson.( Suzanne was working) The boys had so much fun playing together. As long as the gate was up in the kitchen door and all of the bedroom doors were closed we were fine. The are two partners in crime. When I was running the bathwater I turned around and Jackson was holding up the toilet seat and Kade was splashing in the water. On the way out of the bathroom Kade lifted up the seat, looked at Jackson and smacked his lips.( he does that when he is thirsty) It was like he was asking Jackson if he wanted a drink. It was so funny.

I had to go to the grocery today. So I tried to get as many deals as I could. Keep in mind I shopping with two little boys. My first stop was CVS. No I don't plan on eating all of this candy but I only paid .36 for all of it. A bag of Hersey's Bliss chocolate candy will go good in a Christmas basket for friends and neighbors and teachers.8o)
My next stop was Meijer. My cart was full and I didn't have a calculator so I was a little worried. But it only cost 65$ for everything. I had two bags of chicken,4 boxes of cereal,8 bottles of Kraft dressing, and 3 boxes of GG honey glazed carrots to name just a few items. As you can see there was alot more than that. I was pretty happy.
One of favorite frugal blogs is Money Saving Mom. Well she had a printable coupon for the Kraft dressing. Meijer had it on sale this week 3 for 6$. I used 2 1$ off 2 and it came to 6.00. It then spit out a 4$ coupon good for my next order. So I promptly bought 4 more( I had printed 4 coupons) So then I have another 4$ coupon to spend. It came out to .50 a bottle. We go through Ranch dressing around here more than ketchup.
I got a few other things for free too. My receipt states that between coupons and sale savings I saved a total of 46.01 YAY!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last night Randy and I went with 5 other couple from our church to the Community Pregnancy Center's annual fundraising dinner. It was at a local golf club's clubhouse. I am not a fancy person so I felt a little out of my league. Randy was confused as to what fork to use and when and I was worried that the very crisp broccoli I was trying to cut was going to fly off of my plate and hit the floor. We had a great time and our eyes were opened to what is going on in the pro-life movement. David Mahan was the guest speaker and he is president of Frontline Ministries. He goes into schools and Detention centers speaking to kids( and knuckle heads as he called them) about abstinence and finding out who we really are. The person God made us to be. He was an awesome speaker!
The point that that I came home with is this. Pro-life is not Republican or Democratic. We can't even call it an issue. It is a war the Devil is waging against pro-life and we as conservatives must be UNITED to fight against him.
It is a great cause that I will be volunteering in and I urge you to see if there is a crisis pregnancy center in your town you could help out.
I didn't take any pictures. I didn't want to appear to redneckish you know.LOL Have a good day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bet you cant guess what happens when a 4 year old boy sprays an entire bottle of Frebreze on his little brother and the basement carpet?

Yep! A fresh smelling baby brother and a great smelling basement.

Who said motherhood wasn't fun?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Change

God is still in control!

I will still love God with all of my heart!

I will still teach my children to love God
and be kind, respectful, and responsible!

I will never forget that God knows best is and
always will be in control and NO ONE can change that.

Just some rambling this morning as I am trying to keep a positive attitude today as I grieve. 8o)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Breaking News Alert............
Due to long lines at the polls all Obama supporters are being asked to wait till Wednesday to vote!


Have you voted yet? My kids didn't have school today so I woke Kaitlyn up at 6:50 and left. There were about 40-50 people in line in front of me and it took me an hour to get through. I was fine with it(I just wish I had ate breakfast before I went) and I am so proud to be an American. GO McCAIN/PALIN