Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A new post. Can you believe it?

Has it reaaly been over a week since I last posted?Either I am not very good at this or I lead a real boring life. I dont know which it is. This post isnt going to be real long but I thought I would post some pictures of Konnor and my trip to the park yesterday. After storytime we ate lunch at the park and fed the ducks and geese. ( duck-doose as Konnor likes to call them) It was so nice outside.I had a very mad boy on my hands when it was time to go home!!

I love to cook new things so when I got my new Kraft Food and Family magazine a couple of days ago I found so many things I wanted to try out. I tried one recipe out last nightand it was so good!! It was called " Creamy bow-tie Pasta with Chicken and broccoli". If you dont get this magazine you can sign up for it free at There are always good easy recipes in every issue. There were about 10 recipes in this issue I want to try. I can't wait!! Do you every get tired of fixing the same old thing all of the time? I know I do.Well I promise to do better at posting.At least I will try but right now I have to go pay bills. Its that time of the month.AHHHHH I hate it. oh well.....

Monday, March 19, 2007

What a weekend

I just love weekends!! They mean no work, sleep in, cook little,eat out, hang out with friends,and go to church.Overall this past weekend was pretty good!Friday I went and had my nails filled in,which was a good thing because they were geting to look pretty bad. Konnor then proceded to pee his pants in the nail salon right when the lady was putting the top coat on my nails. Most of you know that is not a good time to rush your child to the restroom. He then desided to proclaim to the rest of the salon,over and over I might add, " I peed my pants". I didn't know wether to be embarrassed or to crack up.So I asked for a few paper towels to dry up the puddle and left very quickly. Good thing I carry extra clothes with me.
Friday evening was home buliders and it was so much fun. It was not the typical meeting because this month both groups just got together for a fellowship time. It is so much fun to hang out with friends and play game and talk to very late hours in the night. ( late hours to me anyways) I think we got in bed at 12:30. Bt then we had to get up early( so much for my weekend of sleeping in) and be at Golden Corral for breakfastat 9:00. Junior church started a new theme Sunday and we had to meet to discuss all of the details. Why not do it over breakfast right. Everything looks great by the way.
Saturday night we met up with our friends Erika and Matt for dinner. I had never been to Red Robin so that is where we went. I wishIhadtaken my camera so you could have seen what everyones burger looked like. I know this is boring to anyone who has been there before but to me it was cool and so so good. I wont bore you with the details but I will definitly go back there!!! Sunday the new Kid Church theme was a hit with the young and old alike. I think it is like going to VBS every Sunday. COOL!! Suday night we invited over some friends after church and ate chili speggetti and chatted for a while. Thus my weekend is over. A little rushed but overall a good one. I hope your was as good as mine! Till next time...........

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I just thought I would post the new style of playing the piano. Konnor doesn't normally run around without any pants on but today I am a little behind( no pun). I was on the computer and I turned around and this was how I saw him. When he heard the camera he said he didnt smile so thus the second picture. He was actually playing nice and not banging.( for once)
Oh boy am I glad Tuesday is over! As most of you know I work on Tuesday nights. When I showed up at work last night icould tell it was not going to be a good night. ( Thanks Erika) I am just kidding, I know you were sick. Since it was in the 70's outside I do believe the entire city and the ones surrounding desided to eat at Taco Bell. And to yop it off they hired a new person that I had to work with all night which is another story all in itself. For about a week or so I have heard about a person ( that is what I will call them) had applied. So who do you think I got to work with allllll night? Side by side allllll night.Sorry,I will explain. It is a him who is trying to become a her and I have to call him a her and I have really hard time with that. He is having surgury to become a her, but to me it looks like a guy who has breasts, wears makeup and fingernail polish, and walks and jumps around like a little girl. AHHHHHHH Now do you understand my predicament? I am a Christian and I have to be Christlike but it is so hard for me to act normal around someone like this. I had to work right next to him( I cant call him her) all night. I know God loves him and I should too but I figured the best thing to do is not work with him so I said no more Tuesday nights. Don't you think that was the best thing to do. Instead of pitching a big stink. I dont know it is so hard.
well I am moving slow this morning, but I need to get moving and get Konnor's pants on for one8o) our new van ( new to us) had a transmition problem so the warrenty is paying for a new one. They gave us this cute little Toyota Rav4 to drive so think I will run to Kroger and get the milk we need and check it out. I should have my van back today.Hopefully I can get a nap in before they call me to pick it up. Then if Randy gets home in time from work we will head off to church. Another long day. Please pray that everything works out for me at work. I really do want to be the example that I need to be and that everyone there already espects of me. Till anotherday then TTFN......

Monday, March 12, 2007

A sorry blogger

Am I a sorry blogger or what? Once a week is pretty bad. I dont lead a very exciting life so I really dont have much ot blog about every day. Last week started out with Konnor being sick( throwing up) all night Monday. Being 2 years old he doesnt know how to run to the bathroom so I slept on the floor next to his bed all night. To make it short, It was not a good night. One good thing though it did get me out of work on Tuesday night.Yay!! The rest of the week went pretty well. Randy and I and our friends Tim and Kris were planning on a dinner date for Friday night. Friday afternoon I started feeling sick to my stomach and it didnt go away. Well you can guess the rest of the story. I was sick all night Friday night.I had to cancel our date and I had to miss a bridal shower for Deanna Wolf on Saturday morning, and that really bummed me out!! But I am happy to say that I am feeling good now and no one else is sick yet( knock on wood). I had my monthly visit to the doctor today and everything is stilll going fine. I am so excited that I didnt gain any weight this past month!! I cant believe it. You wouldn't either if you saw how I eat. So I have only gained 2lbs. in 17weeks of being pregnate. I think I am doing good.My next appointment I get to have my ultrasound so I am very excited about that!!! Tonight my wonderful husband took the girls to piano lessons (again) so I get the things done around the house that needed done. To be honest he just didnt want a to do list for while I was gone.8o) The agreement was that we would switch every other week taking them but this is his 3rd week in a row to take them so I am grateful!! Or do you think he just wants some brownie points 8o)? Well If I am going to accomplish waht I said I was going to I need to sign off here and get busy. Maybe something exciting will happen this week and I can update this before the week is over. We'll see......

Monday, March 5, 2007

New front door

Ny entry way is no longer dark and dreary. I had to spend the most part of last Saturday morning freezing cold( it was snowing outside and I had no front door) but it was so worth it! My entry way is now bright and sunny and it is actually bright halfway up my stairs. And I dont have to go to the front room and look out the window to see who is on my front porch. I know I am rambling on about a front door but I have hated the old front door since we have moved to this house. I am definiltly happy now!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

A fresh new day

It is a new day and I am feeling prety good.( although it is rainy and quite dreary outside) Its amazing what a little extra sleep will do for you! Our whole family was in bed at 8:00 last night. That is VERY unusual for us. I worked Tuesday night so I went all day on 3 hour sleep and because of the spelling bee Konnor didn't have any nap so a little extra sleep felt good. An update on the spelling bee, Kaitlyn did very good but she did get out in the third round.She missed the word"temperature" She knew how to spell it but I think she was so nervous and that combined with a couple hundred people watching she couldn't think straight. She got a medal for participating so she was happy about that. This is the first day I actually get to stay home. I have to work again tonight but today I get to stay home. YAY So I get to do laundry and figure out what to fix for dinner. I love to cook but I hate trying to figure out what to cook.Tonight It has to be something quick and easy because I have to leave for work about dinner time. Kids doing homework and chores,Randy coming home from work, and me leaving for work leaves for quite a madhouse at 5:30 on Thursdays. Bye for now... ( hopefully I can get a picture up of Kaitlyn from yesterday)hmmmm