Monday, March 29, 2010

So real...So Final

Today I got a phone call and my heart sunk. Its one of those things I wanted but when it came right down to it I didn't. The stone had been delivered. After almost 9 months its was finally here. I couldn't stop crying. It just makes it so real. He is really there now. I didn't want to leave him. Standing there alone I just wanted someone to hang on to.
I took Konnor on the way to his swim lessons. He just stood there and looked at it. It all seems so unfair!
It is beautiful. I know he would love it!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

some picture updates

Kaitlyn took this picture of my niece Madison and Randy's Grandma. I think it is precious!!
My cousin came to visit last weekend and brought his girls. Megan and Alexis got along so good. Yes Megan is on her knees. Alexis is so small I couldn't get the picture right with Meg standing up.LOL
The 3 dirty faced amigos. My cousin's other little girl Kember. Her and Konnor were best buds. The played together so good. I love this little girl.
I went to FL two weekends ago. I needed some away time. This day was a perfect beach day.

About a month ago when we got all the snow we went sled riding with friends. I loved this picture that our fried took of Konnor.

Yes, I know that I don't have any pictures of Katie but she is boycotting the camera right now. I think it is a 13yr old thing. I will post some pictures of my San Diego trip soon.