Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Few Pictures From Our Day

My cute niece,Grace, who is visiting from FL. Washing Aunt Bek's car
This pictures cracks me up. Konnor loves to put the running water hose in his mouth and let it blow his cheeks up until the water spurts out. It looks gross in this picture.8o)
This evening we found this in the downstairs toilet. A red plastic football. Hmmmm I wonder who could have put that there.8o) (no I dont normally take pictures of my toilet but we thought this was funny)

Our day has consisted of, shopping at the goodwill and finding some cool deals, cooking dinner,breaking up fights all day between 2 little boys,, washing and cleaning cars,baking cookies for birthday treats at school, getting six kids in the bed and finding footballs in the toilet. Now I am taking a little breather before bed. Tomorrow I am going to see John McCain at the Nutter Center with my good friend Michele J. Hopefully I will have some more pictures to post soon. Have a good night!!!

belated pictures

I just wanted to post the pictures that I took of the girls on their first day of school. I have been busy hence no time to blog. TTFN....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Read This

Have you ever been discouraged because it seems like nothing ever gets done and your house is always upside down? That if you pick up the blocks all over the floor,for the 100th time, you are going to loose it. Am I the only one who feels like this sometimes? Today I sat down to check my mail and found this encouraging article by Crystal Paine at Biblical womanhood. Go here and check it out.
I have pictures of the girls first day of school but the batteries ran out in my camera and I cant upload them. I will post them soon.( I hope) TTFN......

Monday, August 18, 2008

Calling at church

Erin Center is one of the balloon holders.We thought she might lift off any minute!8o)
Konnor and his best buddies. Bryson Craycraft and Jenna Snelling.
The whole gang. Click on the picture to see it closer.
Wilma thought the balloons were trying to eat her. 8o)
Just a few pictures of our Saturday at church. We went calling for VBS. After blowing up 240 balloons we loaded into 2 vans and the bus. It was so much fun hanging out with friends and inviting to a bunch of kids to VBS.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kade's 1 year pictures

Just thought I would post Kade's professional birthday pictures. These are a couple of my favorites. I hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am really frustrated right now! This morning I wanted to post a couple of pictures of Konnor,who has horrible poison ivy alllll over him, and I accidentally deleted all of the pictures on my memory card. Thankfully almost all of the pictures were downloaded into my computer. The bad part is Kade's birthday pictures are gone. Gone also are the pictures I took of Konnor yesterday. I am sick. So I am trying to retrieve them somehow. So if I do I will post them. In the meantime we are dealing with a severe case of poison ivy. I did take Konnor to the doctor and he is now on steroids and is doing alot better. He is still " scratchy" but hopefully the benadryl will help that. TTFN....... (and hopefully my friend Paul will recover my pictures and I can post them later)

Friday, August 8, 2008



One year ago a precious little boy joined our family. Kade Matthew Loper. We did not plan him but we are oh so glad we got him!!! I cant believe a year has passed so quickly. He was such a good baby. Now he is an ornery little boy who walks around like he owns the world and gets into everything, But we love him so much. He is so full of life. He makes alot of messes and does the funniest things and is always doing something to make us laugh. For example... Last night after his bath he was walking around drinking his cup of milk so he could go to bed. He was playing with his ball cap. I would put it on his head and he would take it off. Well as I was getting Konnor dressed in his jammies, Kade spit up yukky curdled milk right into his cap and the promptly put it on his head. Randy grossed out when he pulled it off of his head and found Kades nice smelling hair streaked with yukky puke. In other words I promptly washed his hair again. He is so much fun. We love you baby Kade and we are so glad you will always be our baby!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

hot air balloon show

a week or so ago we took the kids to the hot air balloon show that comes to our town once a year. Konnor loves the balloons anytime he sees them in the air so we thought he might really like them close up. He did. We stayed late to watch the balloon glow. It was so pretty.