Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A fun evening

Trick or treat gang
My little pea

Last night was trick or treating in our city. So we threw together some costumes and went to get some candy. Kaitlyn was the hardest because she thought she looked dumb in everything. She ended up going as a fast food worker from Taco Bell.( The shirt and hat wasn't hard to find lol )Megan wore the ever present poodle skirt that she has worn for the past 2 years. Konnor was a dirt bike racer(Thanks to my nephews David and Eric for the helmet) and Kade was a little pea.They were so cute. Randy had to work last night so I took our candy over to our friends,Paul and Sarah,to hand out. They had the Craycrafts over so we all headed out.The kids had such a fun time. We met up with Katie and Michael Heintzelman along the way too so we had quite a group. After an hour and a half they were wore out and ready to head home. We now have candy coming out our ears so if you need a sugar high come to our house as we can hook you right up.8o) So I am off to clean up all the candy wrappers and trash laying on the living room floor.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A quick weekend trip

four generations Konnor and Great Grandma Patty
Kade holding a conversation with Great Grandma Patty
a cute picture I took at the rest area in TN
me and my boys
Well I had a fun weekend! My mom received an invitation to a surprise 50th birthday party for her brother in South Carolina back at the beginning of the month. She didn't want to go alone so I volunteered. Friday morning we left as soon as the girls got on the bus. The boys were much better than I expected in the car. 10 hours is a long time for little kids in the car. Kade actually slept most of the way. We arrived around 7:00 Friday evening. Saturday we went for a delicious breakfast at IHOP and then off to the party. We were there for most of the day and Sunday we were on the road again. The 10 hours home seemed to take longer for some reason. So now I am tired. But I am so glad I got to see my grandma and she is happy that she got to see Kade for the first time. She loves her grand babies so much.Now I have a ton of laundry to do and I have to drag all of the winter clothes out of the basement.I wish I was rich because then I would buy my kids a new wardrobe every season so I wouldn't have to do this.I hate storing clothes and then pulling them out every season!!! So if you don't hear from me in a couple of days you will know where to find me. Under a pile of clothes looking for a way out.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A little bit of nothin

Not much has been going on around here,so I guess that is why I haven't been posting. We had a pretty good weekend.The girls had a blast at the kids camp out Friday night. I tried to take pictures but I didn't get one to turn out. boo hoo. I guess I need a new camera that takes good night time pictures. We just hung out at home on Saturday(yes again) and got a few things done. Like caulk the front windows and paint the back door. Exciting I know but it needed done before winter hits. I took this cute picture of Kade on Sunday. I took it mainly for my sister Bek who let him borrow this outfit from Chase. But since it was so cute I decided to post it so you all could see it.m I love his smile. Well I just got home from cleaning a house so i really need to get busy and start on dinner. I have two additional kids to watch after school too so I need to get rolling. Tootles from the boring Loper house.....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn

9 months old Today
Wow it is hard to believe that my little girl is 11 years old already! How time flies. I wanted this post to be all about her today. Kaitlyn is such a good girl and so sweet. ( don't get me wrong,she had her moments but we won't dwell on those today, lol )She is so helpful around the house and is always right there when I need her to help.Whether I ask her to hold Kade so I can cook dinner, take Konnor to the potty, or fold a basket of laundry she is always willing.Best of all she loves Jesus and wants to obey Him.We made this big chocolate chip cookie for her to take to school today and I took her picture before she left on the bus. I hope you have great day Katie Bug! I love you!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

A quiet weekend

Another word to describe quiet is boring. We didn't do much all weekend. First of all my parents are out of town and my in laws were out of town and all of our friends were out of town so now you know why we didn't have much to do. Kaitlyn and Megan went to PA with my in laws to visit Joanne and Solomon so it was boring and quiet.Real quiet if you know what I mean.8o) It was kinda nice though. Friday night we went to the mall and did some window shopping and then we stopped over and saw Randy's grandma who was alone for the weekend. Slept in for the first time in ages on Saturday. It is so nice to lay in bed on a Saturday morning and not have to get out of bed for any reason. Kade was even good and slept in too. Then we went to IHOP for breakfast. With nothing to do for the rest of the day we just kinda hung out at home. We had a good day at church on Sunday even if the crowd was a little sparse. My brother in law Scott preached Sunday morning and did a great job. There you have it.The run down of my weekend. Boring weekend makes for a boring post. Hopefully my next post will be a little more exciting. I am off for a walk around the neighborhood with my friends. So I can hear all about their exciting weekend in Gatlinburg. I think I will tape their mouths before we start. LOL

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Its hard to believe that Kade is two months old already! It seems like just yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital. One of the things that I have done to all my kids is take their picture on their birthday every month. I try to do it in the same spot so you can see how much they grow every month. So, once a month you will get a picture of Kade sitting in this chair. Hopefully you wont get to bored. Well I am going to go put on some warm socks. I have all of the windows open and it is pretty chilly in this house.I have the boys in sweatshirts. Of course Kaitlyn wore flip flops to school today. I asked her what kind of shoes she was going to wear in the winter time and she said sandals. I hope she has some real thick socks to go with them sandals.8o) You never know what girls this age will try to wear or do. For all of you with little girls BEWARE!! Well I need to go clean up from lunch and get my clean sheets put on the bed. For all of my friends who are going to Gatlinburg.. I am very jealous and I am trying to decide if I still like you.LOL I hope you all have fun!! Tootles..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A little bit of everything

A taste of fall Suday babptismal
cousins and friends

Last week was so busy! Between school, revival at church, and doctors appts it seemed like I was always going going going. One day as we drove past the farmer's market right by our house I started craving an ice cold glass of apple cider. Since I am trying to watch my budget I kinda considered that a want and not a need so I wrote it off. What do you know,the next day my wonderful husband came in the door from work carrying a gallon of fresh apple cider. It was so good. Paired with a couple of mincemeat cookies it was even better. Mmmm Mmmm Good!!
Sunday we had our annual baptism at church. Kaitlyn was baptised this year. I am so proud of her!! I took this picture of Konnor and Emma sitting next to the pool. I thought it was so cute. They love playing with each other.
Well this week isn't going to be as busy as last week. Konnor and Kade both have well child visits on Thursday but other than that we can pretty much stay home. I cant believe my baby is two month old already. How time flies. Well I need to get busy.....

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Konnor

From this... To this.. in 3 short years
I just wanted to use this first post today to say Happy Birthday ( a day late) to my big boy Konnor. Its hard to believe that my baby boy is three already! I love you so much and I am so glad that I am your mommy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Two post in one day.You would think I have nothing else to do except blog. I found this cool site that will pay you for your books. They specialize in textbooks and non-fiction. I had a Spanish textbook from an old coarse that I took and they gave me almost 3 bucks for it. They even pay the shipping. Check it out.Just click on the link from the bottom of my blog. Its a good way to make a little extra cash.

Tuesday Tales

Stuck Smiles clothes for Kade

I had a pretty busy Monday.What about you? I had so much stuff to get done.Does anyone Else's house just seem to get so trashed on Sunday? My house always seems so much messier on Monday for some reason. So I had to clean up that mess, do laundry, clean and mop my kitchen, and cook dinner so we could get to piano lessons at 5:15. Konnor and Kade don't always let me get that done in timely manner.

My sister Rebekah sent up a suitcase of clothes, that my nephew Chase had grown out of, with my brother in law Dave when he came home for the week.( they live in FL) It was like Christmas in October! I loved going though all of them. Kade will be the best dressed kid in the county next summer.Thanks so much Bek!!! Now I just have to figure out where to put them all. I let Konnor watch a movie while I went through the clothes and he then proceeded to have an accident in his pants allover the couch downstairs. So I then had to strip the couch cushions and wash them.Which just added to my laundry pile. Later as I cleaned my kitchen Konnor decided to play under his chair in the living room. He then proceeded to get stuck. It was easy to get him out but sat there and cried till I came and rescued him. Kade was laying on the floor in the office when I was mopping and he started crying so I asked Konnor to go in and talk to him. The next thing I know he comes around the corner carrying him to me. If you want to get excited about something just turn around and see your 2 year old carrying the baby to you. Then as I was feeding Kade a little while later Konnor was playing outside and he brought me the newspaper.The only thing was I had already got the newspaper. He ended up bringing me 3 more papers all of which belonged to the neighbors. Ahhhhhh. Randy took the girls to piano lesson for which I was grateful. I got a few more things accomplished and then when he got home he gave Konnor a haircut. Not the best in the world but great for free! 8o) Then our friends Tim and Kristina Wall came over and chatted for a while. I was so glad to see bedtime roll around!! On a good note..Kade slept 6 hour straight last night.Yah So its more of the same old stuff around here today and then off to revival which starts tonight with Paul Pierpoint.( I think that is the right spelling) It will be a busy week. Till next time.....