Monday, January 28, 2008

I forgot one

I forgot to add this picture to my last post. We got to celebrate Chase's second birthday while they were here. Happy birthday to Chase!!!

Some pictures from my week

My adorable niece Grace giving me a smile Konnor has decided that he likes to carry Kade. Looks comfortable doesn't it?
Konnor,Kade and Chase having fun
Kaitlyn holding her new cousin Grace
Konnor getting a much needed haircut from Aunt Bekka

I cant believe I am becoming a twice a month blogger. I am horrible! My sister and bil was here visiting from FL. last week, and we had youth revival going on too so it was a very busy week. I don't have alot to post so I am just going to post a few pictures that took throughout the week. Hopefully I can post more at the end of the week.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My week

Well my week has been so so. Konnor has been getting over this virus thing and he has given it to Kade. Oh joy! It is just this hacking cough and a runny nose for Kade. And on top of it all he is cutting his second tooth. He has been up in the middle of the night screaming. I just figured out what his problem was two nights ago. So he now get Tylenol before he goes to bed and I keep the Oragel on the dresser. Snot and slobber,are two of my favorite things.( NOT )
As you can guess this has been a good week at CVS. I have been there 3 times and this all of my loot. On one trip I did a couple of transactions. there is 230.59 worth of stuff here and I paid, drum roll please......... NOT ONE RED CENT. I am doing a big happy dance!!!! I stacked alot of coupons and used extra care bucks. I also have a little over 20.00 in extra bucks left over. More happy dance!!! 8o) What I love is that this time I got mostly stuff we will use .I am so thankful because this really helps out the monthly budget!! Here is the list.
5 packs of Cottenelle toilet paper-20 rolls each
1 pack Scott paper towels-8 rolls
6- 12 pack of pop
20 Soy Joy granola bars
2 palmolive dish soap
3 Soft Soap hand soap
3 Irish Spring bath soap 3 bars each
2 jergens lotion
2 packs of sport water bottles 6 each
4 cans of Campells chicken noodle soup
8 tubes of tooth paste
1 toothbrush
1 Similasan ear ache relief
2 giant hersey bars
4 Reeses whip bars
1 bottle of Tide detergent
2 boxes of honey nut cheerios
1 bottle of garnier fruitise shampoo
2 bottles of Bayer childrens asprin
2 bottle of Robitussin pediatric cold medicine
1 childrens tylenol
1 childrens motrin
2 Alka Seltser + cold
1 bottle of Aleve
1 Johnson soap buddies
1 bottle of Excedrin sinus head ache
1 Sudafed PE + cold
1 gallon of milk
1 bottle of hand sanitizer

So if you see anything that you might need this week give me a call.LOL Well it is bed time and i need to find something for lunch tomorrow. Have a good Sunday!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year

my girls out enjoying the warm January weather. You put up the trampoline enclosure to keep them safe. Think again lol
you may have to enlarge it but you can see Kade's new tooth in this picture.

Yes,I am still alive. At least i think i am.LOL I cant believe so much time has gone by since I last posted. I have been so busy and everytime I sat down to update I got called away again.Ahhhhh So the holidays have come and gone and I am just now getting back to the normal routine. We all had a great Christmas. I didn't take too many pictures this year. Why I don't know I just didn't. We spent a quiet Christmas Eve at home with my parents and then we had our friends the Heintzelmas over later. The guys sat around and us girls scrap booked. I think that was the first page I have done since before Kade was born. I am so behind.

Christmas day was a little more exciting. We opened gifts here at home and then headed to Randy's parents for the day. All of his siblings were there except Rodney's family so the house was full. But as they always say" The more the merrier". We had a good time and good food what else could be better.

New Years Eve we had a small party at our house. There were about 7 couples here plus the kids so it was quite loud but we had fun!! We ordered out for pizza, bread sticks, and wings.We played games and sat around and talked till the ball dropped in Time Square. I think I got to bed around 2:00, Kade then got me up at 8:30 so I was dragging all of the next day.

The girls were supposed to go back to school on the 2nd but they got to extend their vacation because of the snow. They were happy. My day got worse the longer it went. I cant remember everything that went wrong but a couple of thing that I can are as follows. I took the kids to the dentist and I couldn't get back into my driveway because of the snow. After about 10 try and sliding back down we decided to walk to the house. I then had to shovel the driveway so i could get the van in the garage. I cooked dinner and as we went to sit down Kaitlyn dropped the bowl of corn( fresh corn that we froze this summer) all over the floor. That stuff is so sticky so I had to clean that all up. We had to leave for church in 30 minutes. That is only 2 things of many but you get the point.

Kade has been on a nap strike for some unknown reason. He got his first tooth so that may have been the problem. Konnor is now sick with a virus I think. He had a temp. of 103 on Saturday night and 102 on Sunday. He has a horrible cough and just lays around whining wanting me to hold him, When I hold Konnor, Kade cries wanting me to hold him. I think I am going to go crazy. Hopefully Konnor starts feeling better soon. Well dinner is calling so I will go pop it in the oven and Konnor is telling me his belly is hurting. So TTFN..........