Thursday, March 26, 2009

The results are in

I tend to be a little sceptical when it comes to new things until I really know they work. I guess I am cheap and don't want to waste $ on something that doesn't work. I really don't laundry soap that doesn't clean my clothes!This week my good friend Michele decided that she going to try a recipe she found for homemade laundry soap. Being the good friend that she is, she gave me a jug of it. I put it to the test on Konnor's play jeans that he wore to the building site at church the other night. As you can see they were pretty nasty. There was grass stain under that ground in dirt. I think it did a pretty good job don't you?I don't think it has much ( or any) scent but if your like me and like scent on your clothes use a stronger fabric softener like I did. The best part is...... the recipe makes a 5 gallon bucket full and you dilute it with water so it actually makes 10 gallons. She figured it up and if you use a top loading washer it costs....insert drum roll.... $.01 cent a load. Less than that if you use a front loader. How awesome is that. It cost her less than $10 to make it all. You can go here to check out the recipe. It only has 3 ingredients in it and she found them all in a local grocery store. How cool is that!
P.S. I forgot to add that I did spray a little Shout on Konnor's pants before I washed them.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I don't know if you all have heard about this cool search engine called Swagbucks or not but if yo haven't you can sign up here. I just use it instead of using google and you can earn"swagbucks" that you can save up and later use to buy stuff. They have all kinds of gift cards. I like it because I don't have to do anything that I don't already do. I just put the toolbar in my browser( you don't have to) and use it to go to all of my websites. You can sign up here its easy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I loved this picture the first time I saw it but after I woked on the colors a little bit I love it even more. They were watching an airplane take off when we went to the park this week.
Kade is not smiling in this picture but I love how his eyes look so big.

I love Spring!

The boys were chasing bubbles in the back yard one evening. This isn't a real good picture but I wanted to post it all because of the cute laugh on Kade's face. Enlarge to get a better look. Konnor's arm was going so fast you cant even see it in the picture.(weired)I took the boys to the park on Monday to play and feed the ducks. My mom met us there for lunch. I think this is the first time Kade has been to the park to really play. He was kinda small last year.

These are the two things that he mastered while we were there. Thats all he did. I think he was a little intimidated by the rest.

Konnor finally found a couple of ducks to come to his bread cafe.
and they invited a few friends. The boys had fun!(okay Mamaw did too)
My miniature daffodil blooming in my flower garden. I love them!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A weeks worth of catch up

Last Friday we went to my sister in laws baby shower. There were alot of people there and we had alot of fun.She also got alot of nice stuff for my little nephew coming in May. Joanne and her 3 "growing up friends" All 4 are pregnant. Trisha Ayers-Cassity,Joanne,Rachael Faulkner-Miller, Sandra Holden-Hatfield

This drove by our house on Sunday afternoon, I thought it was pretty funny since it was only March 8.

We had a couple of nice days last weekend. With temps in the 70's the kids got rid of cabin fever and played outside a bunch. Here is Kaitlyn supervising.

Konnor riding his bike.
Kade just enjoying being free from the indoors.
Megan pulled out the roller blades.

On Wednesday Kaitlyn was in the school spelling bee for the third straight year. This is the last year she can be in it because she will be in 7th grade next year. Even though she did not win she did very well.

I was sitting at the table when I looked up and saw these two sitting together. Even though I don't like them sitting on the counter I thought it was cute.I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Ours will be uneventful I am sure. I think we may grill out Saturday to celebrate making our vacation reservations. LOL TTFN.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A deal

This week Meijer has Tyson boxed chicken for 4/$10( 2.50 each)
- .50 ( doubles to $1) from 3/8 coupon insert
-1.00 Meijer frozen food coupons found in the store by the ads
= .50
makes for some pretty cheap chicken nuggets or whatever other kind that you like. I got chicken fries and boneless buffalo wings. Yumm

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tuesday night was Kaitlyn's final band concert of 6th grade. They actually are doing pretty good. They are finally sounding like a band and not a crashing train. I am sure 7th grade will be a better improvement still.

Kaitlyn and her friends Kelsey and Kylie Patton who play in the band with her.

( enlarge to show detail) LOL
This is Kaitlyn's room before the concert. Actually this is what her room looked like after I pulled all of the clothes out from under her bed, church clothes stuffed in dresser drawers, and clothes that I pulled out from under her covers. Can you believe all of the ways a 12 year old will hide clothes so she doesn't have to clean up? I am pretty lenient when it comes to the girls rooms. I like them to be spotless but I have got to the place I make them clean up once or twice a week and keep the door closed between times. One thing I cant stand is when they leave their clothes on the floor. I consider it rude and disrespectful. I buy them nice clothes, was, dry and fold them so the least they can do is pick them up and put them away. I have found a way to keep them from leaving them in a heap on the bathroom floor after their shower. I take them and they don't get them back for a week. It kills Megan since she is in a stage where she wears the same three outfits all of the time. She now picks up the bathroom. Well if you see Kaitlyn wearing the same outfit for a while it is because this mean mom is showing some tough love. I figured you can say something till you re blue in the face but until you do something they just wont listen. So, I got two(yes two) trash bags and made her put all of her clothes, that were under her bed and stuffed in drawers and crevices, in them. It was two trash bags full!!! She now has to keep her room clean to earn them back. I just want to report that her room has been clean for two days now.
Some days I feel so inadequate to be a parent and I don't have the slightest idea to what
I am doing. I can only hope and pray that they still like me when they grow and leave me. Someone please tell me it gets better! Sorry for the venting of a guilty mom......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When I took Kade to get his 18 month pictures taken we got it all......




Monday, March 2, 2009

Me and my honey