Friday, February 27, 2009

I am wishing I was here right now!! I am so ready for spring/summer. Untill July I will keep wishing.
Okay I will answer your comments here. I did take this picture and I took it on Mackinac Island. A very beautiful place!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last nigt I had to cook dinner for the guys working on our new Family Ministries Building at church so we went and hung out there for a while. I took a few pictures while we were there.

Kaitlyn helping Nate J. with his phone.

The guys working on the ceiling in the new kids church room

one very dirty boy

The best looking guy in the building!!!
Grouting the tile in the bathroom

Drew M. the tech guy running all of the wires for sound

Here are the girls and their science project. I took this on the way out the door to go to school.( Kaitlyn wasn't real thrilled about the picture. 8o) By the way they won a Superior rating for it! Go girls!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This might be what you would call droopy drawers!(This was in the morning and I took off his jammies and he ran away to play)( I didnt want you to think I never change him LOL) I wonder who he learned this from?

Kaitlyn at her DARE graduation on Friday.

Things have been kinda slow around here for the past week. Slow as in not alot to blog about. So I thought I would post some random things going on around here.
1. Nothing to exciting happened on Valentines Day. Randy had to work so we postponed our date.
2. Last Friday Kaitlyn had her DARE graduation and since i was babysitting I got to take 3 little boys to an auditorium to watch. Have you ever tried to make 3 little boys(2 who are 18 & 22 mo.) sit still and be quiet. I am so glad I don't have twins. LOL
3. I figured out how to keep Kade out of the pantry so this and this doesn't happen again. I took off the handles and waalaa no more cereal muncher and mess maker in the pantry.
4. Kade is not feeling well and has been running a temperature on and off since Sunday night. My active and crazy little terrorist has been so snugly quiet. If only he could be half like this and not be sick.
5. FYI... If you get ink pen on your arm don't try to scrub it off with a Mr. Clean eraser. Kaitlyn decided to try this last night and the results are not good. The ink is gone but a nasty rash/burn is in its place. ( I don't know whether it is her blondness or just being 12 is her excuse)
6. When the ice maker in the refrigerator door is jammed don't keep pushing the button. Megan tried that this morning and when it got unjammed we had an ice avalanche on the kitchen floor at 7:30 this morning.
7. When you have a science fair project to do always find out the date so you have time to prepare. My girls said it was due at the end of the month. well Tuesday they found out it was Friday. Which leads to the last portion of my post. Read on....
The are trying to find out what paper towels work the best and why. softness? thickness? price? plys? They want to know what you favorite brand of paper towel is and why. And one more request. Could you let us know this today or at the latest tomorrow. It is due on Friday remember.LOL
So far in our testings Viva has better absorbency. Well not that you are hoping that something exciting would happen around here so you don't have to read any more random thoughts, till next time.......

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new picture of my Katie.

Friday, February 6, 2009

How do you eat your P'scettie

What is this?

Lovely huh? Yes, there is a bunch between the boxes too. This my fellow blogger friends is Kade's latest mess. Bet you can't guess what it is! No it is not dirt, pepper, or bugs. I saw some under the table and started looking for the pepper shaker because he is prone to salt or pepper the floor and whatever he can find. I just love to walk across the floor and feel the grit of salt. Oh joy! No this time he decided to push his little chair to the pantry and investigate the tea bags. He ripped a few( okay alot) open and proceeded to dump it all over the floor.
I know what you are thinking. What does she do all day? Sit on the couch, read books and eat bon bons and let her children do whatever they want.He loves to eat cereal so usually when I hear him opening up the pantry all I have to say is "Kade put the cereal away" and that is the end of it. This little boy of mine is terrorist,booger and monkey all wrapped up into an 18 month old body. Randy says he will be the first child of ours to wear a cast and I am sure he is probably right. His new thing among others is to jump. He jumps off of everything. The couch, the bottom step, the chair. What ever he can climb on he will try( yes try) to jump off of. I am constantly saying" Kade sit down!!!" This child will be the life of me! But without him it would be boring around here. Have a good weekend.