Monday, September 28, 2009


Wher do I begin? The dark hole around here is still here. There are alot of emotions flowing around here and it has been hard as of late. It gets better then its gets bad again. We are are missing Randy so much! Its just not right that he is not here! The kids are missing him something awful. The other night Konnor said" Mom, I wish daddy would come back to our house again". I have found Kade sleeping with the picture of Randy and him. I think its makes me most sad to think of all Randy is missing with with them. Kade has started talking so much. Something Randy never thought he would do .8o) It is just weird without him around here. Its the small things we miss the most now. Putting the kids to bed and the special things he called them. Katie said" I just want to hear him call me Bug again." The way he would chase the kids up the stairs and be up the stairs in 2 giant leaps. I hate going alone to functions. Its not the same without him. My friends help but its not the same. I have the most awesome friends in the whole wide world!!! They keep me going.
Just trying to keep things going around here keeps me busy and I hardly have a spare minute. I need to get the fall decorations out. Just one more thing to do. I am becoming a list person. Something I vowed to never become. LOL Well it another busy Monday so I need to get moving.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Megan

Yesterday my Megan turned 11 years old. She loves her birthday.She actually put balloons on the mailbox so everyone would know it was her birthday. LOL Randy always took the girls on birthday "dates". Well, Randy's dad filled in this year and she chose Chipotle ( her favorite). Grandma bought her donuts for breakfast and enough to share with everyone.8o) She is into horses right now so she got alot of horse stuff for presents. She is joy and I love her very much.